Heaven on Earth Music Limited was originally founded in 1977 by composer/musician CRAIG PRUESS as an outlet for his own special style of attunement music - music to integrate the whole human nervous system, to harmonise our emotions and to uplift our consciousness. Through Craig's own study and research into the subtle effects of sound and vibration on ourselves and the environment, the resolve was undertaken to generate CD's and tapes that would represent the vanguard of 21st century spiritual music: beautiful, spacious, clear, integrating, melodious, relaxing and healing. Combine this with a high level of musical professionalism and sonic excellence, and this creates the sound of Heaven on Earth Music.

Music has the power to uplift, inspire and heal/nurture the body and emotions. It is considered one of the supreme arts for this reason. From that consciousness of the musician, there radiates that powerful influence of the music to all.



When a musician's inner experience and cultured nervous system is based on silence and bliss, then it is very natural that this influence is shared through the music. As resonance between nervous systems, profound experiences can be transmitted, and the silence, expansion, longing, celebration and bliss can all bring about a deeply integrating and harmonious effect on the listener - bringing the influence of peace and goodwill towards others, plus a genearl influence of more tranquillity and contentment in these times of change, stress, uncertainty and the fast pace of modern living.

Heaven on Earth Music recordings seek to fulfil as many aspects of the future of integrating music for mankind. Through dedicated practice of meditation, breathing, and yoga practices, the musician/composer/singer becomes "tuned up", and therefore the quality and the intention of the music is geared to a very high level of excellence and sattva (purity).