Temple of Spice


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This album is contemporary Indian fusion music, featuring piano, sitar, bansuri (Indian flute), sarod, drums, tablas, Indian vocals, guitar, bass, tamburas, bells, keyboards and exotic sound textures. The beautiful moods range from romantic to joyful, sensuous to passionate, serene to sublime. Features the female vocals of Shashi Pandit and Deepa Nair. All compositions and arrangements by Craig Pruess, with fine guest appearances by Ronu Majumdar, Madhukar Dumal, Tom Simeneuar, Rajiv Chakrabourty, Abhijit Bannerjee, Pandit Vishwa Prakash, Ben and Daryl Pruess. A must for lovers of Buddha Bar or other exotic East/West fusion music. Co-production with Times Music, Times of India, Bombay, India.