Language of Love – Music for the Karma Sutra


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Language of Love was commissioned by Triloka Records in California in 2003 and delivered in the spring of 2004. It features Craig on sitar, piano, swaramandala, tamburas, percussion and 12 string guitar. Fine guest performances include Deepa Nair (Indian vocals), Pandit Ronu Majumdar (bansuri), Deepak Pandit (violin), Abhijit Bannerjee (tabla), Rajiv Chakrabourty (sarod), Tom Simenauer (tabla) and Dave Jackson (guitar). Craig's compositions capture a meditative, dreamy, romantic and devotional feeling perfect for sadhana or relaxation - certainly for heart centred love-making. The spacious sound and use of raga based melodies is perfect for immersion into the realms of beauty, love, surrender and ecstatic passion. Includes a lyrical set of poems for each of the selections.