Welcome to Heaven on Earth Music, Big World Records and the portal for composer/musician Craig Pruess.

There's a world of music in these CDs, spanning over 21 years of recording and journeying through sound. And there's more than CDs - there are concerts, events, knowledge and insights here, too. Heaven on Earth Music was founded in 1977 and is a unique vision of world fusion music, through the eyes and ears of world musician, film composer and multi-instrumantalist, Craig Pruess. Music soaked in joy and positivity, musical virtuosity, imaginative arrangements and beautifully crafted recordings of sonic excellence.

In 1997, the Sacred Chants CDs was born, and millions of sales later, it is still going strong. If sound can bring you to a still point, then the Sacred Chants CDs fulfil that potential with penetrating silence and well crafted space, fashioned from Craig's decades of meditation/yoga practice. The musician becomes the instrument.

"Sacred Chants of Shiva leads to incredible meditative bliss. You don't have to be religious to enjoy these Sanskrit chants." - Cosmopolitan Magazine, India
"This album transcends every barrier of land, religion, caste and creed. It is divine, a torch bearer of Indian Vedic culture, our glorious past.
" - Calcutta Times, India

Big World Records was founded in 2008 as an outlet for Craig's exciting global outreach projects: the Ganda Boys, At-Ma and the Language of Love.

Earth Dancer - Life on Earth Jennifer Lawrence - The Healing Piano Deepa Nair - Into the Light Sri Atma Gita The Eye of Jupiter Sacred Chants of Shakti Through the Ages Ganda Boys - The War of Love Temple of Spice Terracotta 108 Sacred Name of Mother Divine Language of Love At-Ma - City in the Sky Welcome Home Sacred Chants of Rama Sacred Chants of Buddha Sacred Chants of Shiva Angel of the Earth